This infection seems mostly in Covid patients…

India is dealing with the second wave of covid-19. In these startling circumstances, an old but rare infection named mucormycosis has started spreading in many states of India.

My purpose for writing this article is to educate you about this infection in this pandemic crisis. I had done a lot of research to provide you the exact information about it.

I believe you all will read it and share it within your groups to spread knowledge rather than rumors and panic.

What is it?

Medically known as Mucormycosis and it is reported falsely as ‘Black fungus’ by the media.

This infection is caused when we inhale mucor moulds (which are generally found in soil, plants, rotten fruits and vegetables, etc) present in the air.

If it affects the sinuses and brain then face swelling, fever, cough, nasal congestion, nose bleeding are common symptoms.

If it attacks the lungs then cough, chest pain, breath shortening are common.

If it hits the digestive system then vomiting and nausea are common.

According to CDC (Centre for disease control and prevention), the mortality rate of this infection is between 46–96 percentage.

Relation with Coronavirus?

According to USA Today, India witnessed thousands of cases in the last month as compared to only a few cases in decades.

This has been increasingly seen among people which have been recovered from the deadly coronavirus.

Yes, after the recovery!

At the initial stage, they started noticing symptoms like swelling of half of the face, black spots around the nose, headache, vomiting, cough or sneeze blood, blurred vision, etc.

Then in later stages, the infection reaches the other parts (skin, nose, eye, throat, etc) and may lead to loss of vision or even death in most cases.

To contain it from spreading doctors suggest, separate that part from the body which is infected.

Last week at Pune, one eye of a patient was banished to save his life.

Why is it mostly attacking the Covid-19 patients?

This fungus rarely affects humans as our immune system is profoundly effective in preventing it. But it has been seen in major cities like Ahmedabad, Pune, Mumbai, Karnataka, etc.

A study states:

  1. Week immune system of patients,
  2. Uncontrollable diabetes,
  3. Misuse and high doses of steroids in covid treatment.

are the main reasons for increasing cases of this infection.

Scientists conclude that patients with diabetes and were treated with steroid drugs are more prone to be attacked by fungal infections like mucormycosis.

AIIMS director states that out of twenty-three patients infected twenty had coronavirus as well as diabetes.

This infection is extremely uncommon in covid patients who didn't receive steroids and had controllable diabetes.

What is the cost of treatment?

  1. The daily antifungal dose and treatment cost INR 20,000–40,000.
  2. It may include surgeries or loss of vision and treatment will continue for three weeks in the hospital.
  3. If it reaches the brain, there are only twenty percent chances of living.

How to prevent it?

“Prevention is always better than cure”

It includes the following steps:

  1. Vaccination to bypass the severity of coronavirus and steroid.
  2. Strict monitoring of sugar levels.
  3. Limiting use of steroids to hypoxic patients (experiencing depleted levels of oxygen).


Stay safe!

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